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Name: Williamskall
Location: United States
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Posted on: Wednesday - Mar 8, 2017
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Name: Josephguh
Location: Ireland
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Posted on: Thursday - Mar 2, 2017
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Name: Xrumerne
Location: Portugal
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Name: BradleyNap
Location: Guam
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Posted on: Thursday - Feb 23, 2017
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Name: BrentteS
Location: Россия
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Posted on: Wednesday - Feb 22, 2017
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Name: Wedenunny
Location: USA
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Posted on: Thursday - Feb 16, 2017
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Name: DevakKinge
Location: Росиия
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Posted on: Friday - Feb 3, 2017
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Name: WilliamGrads
Location: Norway
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Posted on: Thursday - Jan 5, 2017
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Name: Jean Southworth
Location: Pearl Harbor Team
Hi Sarah. I hope you enjoy my story about your dad, "Mush," (what a great nickname, BTW) and his teammates. I'm so glad he was able to participate in the 50th reunion gathering. I don't have any real connection to their story besides growing up in Salem and finding the account fascinating.
Posted on: Monday - Dec 7, 2015
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Name: Sarah Barbour
Location: Pearl Harbor football team
Hi, My dad, "mush" Barbour was on the team. I am looking forward to reading your story when I get home form work. I was just curious if you had a connection to the team? Unfortunately dad passed away about a month after the 50th year reunion, but he was so happy he got to go the reunion.
Posted on: Monday - Dec 7, 2015
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