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Name: Craig O. Thompson
Location: Willamette Football Team, 1941 - Pearl Harbor
Stumbled on your PH story (and well-written blog site) after first connecting to an article RE Willamette team's experience, in Hawaii. Well done! I'm collaborating on a biographical novel and screenplay about a PH survivor whose good friend was a USS Arizona burn victim aboard SS Coolidge. Regards.
Posted on: Monday - Feb 9, 2015
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Name: ruatyczyg
Location: Armenia
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Posted on: Friday - Jan 9, 2015
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Name: Michael Breid
Location: Question
Are you any relation to Lieutenant Jean Southworth, who was my company commander nurse in Medical Corps School, Great Lakes, Illinois in 1966?
Posted on: Wednesday - Dec 10, 2014
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Name: bob ehlers
Location: oia santorini
Hello,at the Bush Barn Holiday Showcase, we talked briefly about your eventual visit to Oia. I just wanted to pass along a Tripadvisor mention of the Restaurant Mou and the owner, Mihalis. An old school type of restauranteur - charming and entertaining. google mihalis oia santorini. Happy travels
Posted on: Monday - Nov 18, 2013
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Name: Lorie
Location: all
Now that I know you have a writing website, I have some reading in my future! Clap
Posted on: Saturday - Aug 3, 2013
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Name: Zach
Location: Spain
Wonderful story on Spain, very interesting how you were able to go there when you did (in the 70s).
Posted on: Tuesday - Jul 23, 2013
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Name: Chuck Clark
Location: Camp Adair visit
My late father was a fresh young infantry lieutenant at Camp Adair in 1943, assigned to the 413th Inf. Regt. of the 104th Division. I've done quite a bit of research about his wartime service, and your descriptions of the remains of the camp and its environs have helped me very much. Thanks!
Posted on: Wednesday - May 29, 2013
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Name: Michael Fox-Museum of the Rockies
Location: Yellowstone
Hello, I am the Curator of History at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT and am currently creating an exhibition on the history of Tourism in Yellowstone National Park. I am wondering if you might share your family's story and photos with visitors to our exhibition. Please contact me! Thanks!
Posted on: Wednesday - Jan 23, 2013
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Name: Milagra & Andy
Location: Grandpa's Cabin
I love the way your words evoke such strong memory pictures-thanks!
Posted on: Thursday - Jan 5, 2012
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Name: Sonya
Location: Grandpa's Cabin
Hi Jean, Another wonderful hit story. Raises so many wonderful memories of our own cabin down the highway in Donnelly, and the fun times we had through the years in McCall. Such a wonderful gift to your family--these stories!
Posted on: Tuesday - Dec 27, 2011
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